1. For Standard Calculator:
a. Use of mulitple expressions at one time
b. You can't enter a negative number
c. Results can have negative numbers
b. Click on "=" to evaluate the result
c. "C" Clears the result
d. "←" clears the last entered character
e. "**" denotes the power sign
2. For Scientific Calculator:
a. Type the number then click on the operator
b. eg: click 99 then sin -- ans will be sin(99)
c. If there is some result on the screen then also if you click any operator you get operator(result)
d. For using nCr and nPr first typed number is n then press nCr operator the screen displays nothing then type r and press equal to get the result -- nCr. e. e, ln10, √2, √1/2, ln2, Pi are all constants. Clicking these erases everything and dispays their values.
f. Operations can be performed on the constants.
g. to oct -- changes decimal number to octal
h. to hd -- changes decimal number to hexadecimal
i. to bin -- changes decimal number to binary